January 2018 News

RIHOP opens at a new location January 1st! Here is the schedule January 2019 Bulletin as we look forward to encountering the Lord together.  For some a house of prayer is a new thing and so this is to help explain what we are doing this month.

We will have times of devotional style sets that we take time to adore the Lord. We will minister at His feet. Bring your journal, bible and soak in His Presence. This is more devotional in nature, providing an atmosphere of encounter.

Intercession sets will be were we have a prayer focus and together we will intercede for specific topics together. Intercession sets are usually energetic, as the room is invited to engage in corporate prayer.

Corporate Community Worship/Prayer is January 19th from 12pm to 8pm. We will be coming together in unity as one body in Christ to worship and adore the King of Kings.

Please consider joining us in January for some or all of the 21 days of encounter.  You are welcome to come and go as your schedule permits during the hours the prayer house is open.



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