Our format is based on the heavenly picture that we see in Revelation 5, which speaks of the harp and the bowl – worship and prayer integrated together. We follow this format in the following 4 ways: Worship with the Word, Intercession, Prophetic worship, and Devotional Worship.


The purpose and heart of  RIHOP Worship is to minister to Jesus through singing, prayer, and the arts. The prayer room is designed to facilitate corporate adoration and agreement with who Jesus is, and what He wants to do.

Repetition – Around the throne of God, there are choruses being sung day and night – in fact the same song heard by Isaiah was heard by John hundreds of years later. It seems that God enjoys repetition. Also repetition helps the room come in to agreement.

Spontaneity – We make room for the Holy Spirit to direct us in spontaneous choruses, prayers, and melodies of the heart throughout the worship set.

The Word of God – There is an emphasis in singing the Word and taking time to spontaneously respond to Scripture as we lead worship. (Colossians 3:16)


Worship With the Word
Worship with the Word is a prayer format in which we agree with God’s heart as we sing the biblical truths of who God is and what His promises are. These sessions are more devotional in nature, providing an atmosphere conducive to reading the Bible and entering into contemplative or devotional prayer.

Corporate Worship
Led by a full band, these times are for the entire room to engage in worship.

Devotional sets are acoustic in nature and create an atmosphere in which a person can have personal devotion and meditation. Bring bible, journal and a heart to sit at His feet in personal devotion. 

Intercession sets are usually energetic, and the room is invited to engage in corporate prayer. There is generally a specific prayer focus and the worship leader will respond with that which is prayed. 

Awaken Love events are times of engaging with the community outside the four walls in various locations. Freely you have received; freely give.

Living Room @rihop is an unhurried time of interactive prayer and worship.  We desire His Presence and together we encourage one another in love.  Let’s connect and build one another up in love.